Mental Math Master (3M)

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3M World Championship

Competition Objectives:

1. 3M Championship aims to create opportunities for students who are creative in mental arithmetic to excel globally.
2. The participation of the largest number of mental arithmetic users in various programs from around the world in a sophisticated, unique, and modern competitive environment.
3. Stir up enthusiasm and recharge the trainers, who in turn seek to advance their students to higher levels of excellence.
4. Encouraging those interested in mental math to enrol their children and students to get the championship title, thus increasing the children’s self-confidence and love for competing.

Competition areas:

1. The competition allows each child from the age of 6 to 16 years old with high skills in maths to participate.
2. The participating children will be categorized into age groups. 3. Students can choose the appropriate level for them and are entitled to participate in more than one level, provided that it is in a different program (Soroban, Vida, or any other mental arithmetic program).
4. For those living outside Germany, the participation is done online through the competition’s website, under the supervision of the participating coaches who will be administering the terms & conditions.
5. The winner of the first place in each level will be awarded a financial prize, in addition to that, medals will be presented to the winners of the first three places.
6. Each participant is entitled to receive an electronic participation certificate.

3M Training levels 

Mental Math Master Levels:

  • Level A: Addition and subtraction
  • Level 0: Multiplication tables
  • Level 1: Using the abacus + Some multiplication operation
  • Level 2: Magic multiplication rules
  • Level 3: Advanced multiplication, squares, cubics and roots
  • Level 4: Division and fractions
  • Level 5: Advanced division, fractions, number squares and roots

Soroban Taining

The student has the right to use the soroban during the competition.

The first Level Includes addition and subtraction operations on units only with no rules.

The second level includes addition and subtraction operations on units only according to the rules of young friends (the friends of number 5).

The third level includes addition and subtraction operations for ones and tens according to the rules of young and old friends’ compound.

Secrets Training

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It is our goal to provide age appropriate opportuniy for every child enrolled in 3M
enrichment classes.