Arabic Cours:

  • Courses suitable for all kinds of Kids, regardless of ability.
  • Focused on communication skills and cultural understanding.
  • Lessons take place twice a week (each lesson last for 50 min).
  • The program consists of 5 leveles.
  • A learning group usually has a maximum of (12 students in the office), (5-6 students online).

Arabic Cours Levels:

Teaching Arabic language with different levels. Arabic levels descriptions:

  • Level 1: Starts with drawing letters and learning the diacritical marks, then the students practice the pronunciations with diacritical marks. Finally, they can read and write the basic words correctly.
  • Level 2: The students start with reading paragraphs and learning simple grammar ( the lunar laam, the solar laam, Tied “taa and demonstrative pronouns etc…..). Each level bilds on the foundation that precedes it in dictation, reading and grammar.